La Filière Intégree France-Royaume Uni, the Cardiff/Bordeaux undergraduate double degree


Welcome to the FIFRU website.

The FIFRU stands for Filière Intégrée France / Royaume-Uni, translated as the franco-british exchange scheme. This scheme is an exchange undergraduate degree between Cardiff University and Sciences Po Bordeaux.

This website is dedicated to bring together the previous FIFRUs and create a network between the old, new and present FIFRUs.

 We also give a detailed explanation of what this course consists of for employers who are wondering, what is the cardiff-bordeaux / FIFRU scheme? What is a double degree?

Every FIFRU has been through the same university experience, four years travelling to and from Cardiff and Bordeaux. But we all have completely different career paths. This website will allow the FIFRU to keep in touch and create a much-needed network between new professionals.

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